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Time to roll up your sleeves for the Sharpham House Winter Open Day

The Sharpham House Winter Open Day is great fun and a real sense of achievement is felt at the end of the day. Add to the fact that the surroundings are absolutely beautiful it is of little wonder why this day is proving to be so popular and gets booked up very quickly.
It often seems that most of the events which are held during the months of November and December involve eating and drinking, not to mention spending lots of money If you are looking for something just that little bit different though, how about the Winter Open Day at which is situated just outside Totnes in South Devon?

This is one of those places where you feel more relaxed as soon as you see the place. That can’t be much of a surprise for anyone who is familiar with Totnes which is often referred to as the ‘Hippy’ capital of the UK but Sharpham House takes being ‘chilled out’ to the next level. To be honest, I honestly can’t think of a better way to get back to reality after the festive period than taking part in this Winter Open Day.

There’s work to be done

The Winter Open Day at Sharpham House can only really be described as a day where you actually have to roll up your sleeves and do some work but please don’t let that put you off in any way. There is little doubt that you will enjoy yourself and feel a great sense of achievement when you sit down and rest your weary bones when the day’s exertion’s come to an end.

You may be wondering what it is all about and what kind of work you will be getting involved with but don’t worry, it is all very straightforward and everyone is more than welcome to join in. The work basically involves tending the trees that have been planted on the estate over the past few years as well as clearing the path ways and ensuring that the deer guards are in place.

Around the old camp fire

The day’s work only takes a few hours and by way of a thank you a fantastic lunch of hot soup is served to everyone whilst sitting around a lovely warm camp fire. They say that the simple things in life are the best and that way of thinking is definitely evident here in the grounds of Sharpham House. With the winter views over towards the River Dart and the air so fresh that you can almost taste it, life really doesn’t get much better than this and the best thing about it all is that it won’t have cost you a single penny.

Better to be safe than sorry

One word of warning though, even though everyone is welcome and there is no charge to get involved it is important that you phone up and book a spot. It may be a sign of the times but days like this are extremely popular and it would be a shame to just turn up on the day and not be able to get involved because it is so popular.

Remember to wrap up warm though, it can be bitterly cold at this time of the year and you will enjoy the day far more if protected against the elements instead of shivering and wet and finding that the end of the day just can’t come quick enough.

Have you ever helped out at the Sharpham House Winter Open Day? Was it a rewarding experience for you? Or have you sampled other working breaks around the UK? Give us the low down on the kind of thing we can expect, good or bad!

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