The fishing port of Boscastle is located on the Cornish north coast and is a prime example of how human made the best of the given circumstances ‐ the natural inlet to the sea was first used as a shipping harbour for limestone and coal, and after these days were gone, the port underwent a renovation that attracts thousands of visitors each year to the village.

Unfortunately, the event that might have made Boscastle most famous was the dramatic flood of 2004 ‐ yet, today you wouldn't be able to tell as the streets, buildings and harbour shine in their previous glory.

Culture & Attractions in Boscastle

Boscastle is famous in the area for it's excellent pottery shop, where you can buy high-quality local crafts or just look the skilled artists over the shoulder.

On of the most famous personalities ‐ or dare we say artists? – is John Maughan The Boscastle Busker. No, he's no ordinary cover song performer, but has been singing in the pubs, cafés and restaurants of the village each summer for 30 years to raise money for the nearby hospice. Whether you have a charitable heart of just love old folk songs, look out for him!

Architecture lovers will enjoy the seven churches of the village, each of which has its own unique story and architectural features that show the different influences the area was exposed to over the years.

If that's not mystical enough for you yet, make sure to check out the Museum of Witchcraft at Boscastle Harbour. The building might seem small at first, but you can spend hours exploring the place and will always something new that makes you shudder. Matching background music makes sure you will be bewitched, too!

Must-do highlights in Boscastle

Boscastle itself is the biggest highlight of the village ‐ if you get a chance to watch the sun sink into the sea at the harbour and shine onto the cliffs, you will see what we mean.

Just five miles away from Boscastle is Tintagel, whose castle is rumoured to have be the legendary King Arthur's Castle. Even if you are not into mythology, it's a stunning sight to behold. with its ruined castle and reputed connections to King Arthur, is about 5 miles away, either by foot along the coastal path or by road. It's not only meant to be King Arthur's birthplace, but is also featured in the legend of Tristan and Isolde and has a history stretching back to Roman times.

From the castle, you can enjoy amazing views over the surrounding countryside, relax at the café or explore the area around on foot, where you will be rewarded with more historical and mythological sights such as Merlin's Cave.

For a fun day out with the little ones, head out to Hidden Valley Discovery Park, 11 miles from Boscastle. The park boasts a variety of attractions for children of any age ‐ from a mysterious ruin to a beautiful farm and an old railway route and various trails full of surprises, it's impossible to get bored here!

Food & Drink in Boscastle

There's no doubt that the seafood in Cornwall is one of the country's best and freshest, and Boscastle's restaurants and pubs are no exception. Cider, ale and bitter lovers will enjoy the menu of the Cobweb Inn, which also is great place to visit for lunch.

The finest food in Boscastle can be had at the Riverside Restaurant, serves fresh local seafood and has a world-class wine selection as well as attentive service.

Accommodation in Boscastle

Boscastle village itself is a magnificent attraction and it would be a shame to while away your time in a hotel or B&B if you can experience the town like a local in your own charming holiday home.

A great choice is the Potters, a detached bungalow for up to four people with a sun-facing patio and excellent views over the Atlantic Coast.

Emilys Cottage, situated in a quiet rural location close to Boscastle, is a modern 4 bedroom holiday home that is ideal for a family group.

So that's our round up of things to do on a weekend in Boscastle. Have you ever been there? What would you recommend doing if someone went there for the weekend? Please share you experience with us…