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Reach for the stars with Stargazing Live!

This year it is the turn of the wonderful Eden Project in Cornwall to stage Stargazing LIVE and most people would agree that there couldn't be many better places to stage this prestigious event.
The Stargazing LIVE events which are screened live on the BBC are proving to be a roaring success with millions of people from all over the UK tuning in to experience stargazing at its very best.

In 2013 though, all eyes will be on Cornwall’s fabulous as they are hosting the event and there is little doubt that it will be an absolute extravaganza in terms of learning about the solar system from people who are experts on the subject.

The dream venue

Whoever thought of the Eden Project as one of the venues should be congratulated, as the very nature of this part of Cornwall lends itself perfectly to gazing up at the night sky in complete darkness. Also, if you listen to any of the experts who are involved in this event they are all extremely excited by what will be happening on that night.

If there was one criticism of the Stargazing LIVE event it would have to be that it is being held on a Tuesday night and only a couple of weeks after the Christmas holidays. This basically rules out attending for any children who don’t live in the immediate area but the BBC would obviously argue that as it is being televised live it is not really a problem. You would have to admit though that after watching last year’s show, the television coverage really was superb.

The hosts with the most

The hosts for the Stargazing LIVE event are and and it goes without saying that the enthusiasm of these two presenters is infectious to such an extent that it would not be a surprise if there was a surge after the event in people going out to buy telescopes and exploring the wonders which can be found in the night sky.

For anyone who is lucky enough to attend the event at the Eden Project there is a lot going on, from presentations to workshops on the subject of stargazing, and these are presented in such a way that adults and children alike will savour everything that is being presented to them.

Superb resources

It is worth mentioning that the BBC have made available a brilliant resource pack which is full of information and learning materials which will enable everyone to make the most out of the Stargazing LIVE. A quick search of the BBC website will point you in the right direction, the pack comes in a downloadable format and best of all, it is completely free.

So, if you are lucky enough to be able to attend there is no doubt that you will be in for a night to remember but if not it is not the end of the world as the televised coverage will cover absolutely everything.

One thing is for sure though, whatever happens on that night will leave you in awe and it could well lead onto an interest in stargazing that will give you hours of enjoyment in the future.

Have you been to one of the BBC’s stargazing events in the past, if so what did you think of it? Is the experience of actually being there far better than simply sitting at home and watching it on the television or does the Beeb do such a good job that it is preferable to observe the proceedings from the comfort of your arm chair?

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