Dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, all roads around Bodelva, near St Austell, seem to lead to the Eden Project. Now as famous as its namesake, the Eden Project is a wonderful garden/theme park/educational project which can only leave you marveling at our wonderful world.

Built in the protected environment of a former china clay quarry, the Eden Project is a series of huge biomes made of interconnecting hexagonal cushions which create the world's largest greenhouse.

The largest dome, measuring 55 metres high and 200 metres long, covers a massive 3.9 acres and provides a humid tropical environment for a veritable rainforest to flourish, complete with gushing waterfall. Those interested in engineering will find the structure itself quite fascinating!

What to See at the Eden Project

If you wondered how pineapples grow, where balsa teak comes from, what natural chewing gum looks like and what a Malaysian stilt house is, then this is the place to see and learn. Discover where chocolate comes from, what tea looks like, how coffee grows and how natural dyes are produced.

The second biome is dedicated to the Mediterranean climate ‐ think cacti, agaves, lemon trees and olive groves. Not content to grow more than a million plants, the Eden Project demonstrates the importance of good environmental practices too.

The site is powered by local wind turbines, litter is all recycled and the massive amounts of water needed to keep the plants healthy is all sourced from collected rain water. There is a third outdoor dome and an award-winning education centre, the Core, making it a very full day out.

As you stroll around the paths between the plants, there are plenty of interactive displays and eyecatching signs as well as informative talks from time to time. There are themed trails on topics such as plants in medicine and plants used for sports.

The Eden Project, like its namesake, is far more than just a garden. It clearly demonstrates the message that we are totally dependant on plants for our very survival.

More than a million visitors a year visit the Eden Project. Whether you are 6 or 60, it is a thought-provoking attraction on a very topical subject, which will certainly enrich your holiday in Cornwall in a thoroughly entertaining way.