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Ice skating at Eden: Prancing on ice!

Every winter the Eden Project opens its ice rink to the general public and this one will be unlike anything that you have ever experienced before. You don't have to be an expert skater to enjoy what it has to offer and as long as you are game for a laugh it will definitely be a winter wonderland to remember.
The famous horticultural eco-friendly rainforest attraction at the Eden Project takes on a new perspective in winter when it offers ice skating at the in the month of November. The magical ice rink is open from the end of October until the beginning of March but the novelty of autumn and the anticipation of winter makes ice-skating in November seem particularly exciting. The crowds of December have not yet arrived so it is like a celebration of everything that is to come as winter approaches heralding Christmas and the New Year festivities.

Ice skating at Eden is a great family experience

Ice skating at Eden has become a popular annual event in Cornwall and is definitely a family-friendly activity for all ages to enjoy on cooler days. The ice rink is quite spectacular and creates great excitement on the faces of the children when they witness it for the first time. The large ice rink is in a huge covered dome so it can be enjoyed whatever the weather outside. It is lit by fairy lights and the blue and pink effect creates a wonderful atmosphere of an icy winter wonderland.

This skating experience at the Eden Project is more than just skating around in circles and trying to stay upright whilst casting envious glances at those who seem to make it all look so easy. Although there are some expert skaters who enjoying showing off their technical manoeuvers and skills, there are plenty of first-timers too.

Children can hire upright penguin skating aids to push around the ice. These give them some support and help them learn to balance on their skates and gain some confidence. Adults can hang over the barrier and give encouraging advice or take to the ice themselves. Even if you don’t intend to spend long on the ice, it’s all great fun to watch.

How to enjoy low-cost ice skating at the Eden Project

If there is a downside to ice skating at the Eden Project it would have to be the cost. Even though the admission prices to the ice rink are quite reasonable, you also have to buy a ticket to get into the Eden Project itself. However, season passes are available if you live nearby or intend to visit frequently during your autumn break in Cornwall. The cost doesn’t seem to put people off as the sessions are always pretty busy, so it is highly advisable to book first.

There are different skating sessions available for different age groups and abilities. General skating sessions last for 40 minutes while the Parent and Toddler Ice Play sessions last for 75-90 minutes. Children must be accompanied by an adult, but adults skate free at these sessions so it is definitely the best value session for those with children under the age of 5. It also includes various toys to play with on the ice.

Do make sure that you are dressed for the occasion. The whole session will be so much more enjoyable if you are wrapped up warm and it is essential to wear gloves. It makes falling down a lot less painful and avoids your hands getting so cold that they start to hurt!

Ice skating at Eden for local residents

For anyone who lives locally there are all sorts of extra offers in the form of season passes and reduced entry prices, but even visitors will find it is a wonderful winter experience which takes ice skating to a different level.

When your session is finished, why not treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate from the café whilst you watch the other skaters trying to stay on their feet. You can then spend the rest of your day seeing what else the Eden Project has to offer in the much warmer Tropical Biome where you can see pineapples, bananas and cocoa pods growing in the steamy environment.

Is ice skating your forte? Do you know of other locations in Cornwall that have pop-up ice rinks? We’d love to hear about them so feel free to share your local knowledge.

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