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Boxing Day Swims in Devon: don’t forget the goose fat!

A swim on Boxing Day is a tradition in seaside towns. Lots of money is raised for charity & if you fancy a dip, here are 3 places in Devon to give it a try.
For most people, Boxing Day is usually spent in the same vein as Christmas day: lots of eating, drinking and vegging out in front of the TV. There is a tradition in Devon which seems to be getting more popular with every passing year. You don’t have to be bordering on the insane to get involved, but it most definitely helps!

This tradition, if you haven’t already guessed, is going down to the beach in the usually freezing cold weather (fancy dress optional) and then wading out into the sea and going for a swim. The reason for this madness is to raise money for various charities, so if you are spending some time in over the Christmas period this might be something that you would like to get involved in.

Teignmouth Boxing Day Swim

The Teignmouth Boxing Day swim always attracts large crowds and more willing participants than you would probably imagine. What’s really unexpected, and may strike you as strange, is that all of those taking part seem to have a big smile on their faces. But judging by the blood-curdling screams that fill the air when they first enter the water, it must be very cold indeed.

Before the 200+ swimmers wade into the sea at 11am, the winners of the fancy dress competition are announced. All of the proceeds from the sponsorship goes to an extremely worthy cause in the .

Watching the Boxing Day swim in is surprisingly good fun. Whether you will keep the promise that you will undoubtedly make to yourself to take part next year, will have to remain to be seen!

Sidmouth Boxing Day Swim

Sidmouth hosts another Boxing Day swim which certainly attracts the crowds. It has been held every Boxing Day since 1985. The big crowds that gather to watch the proceeding most definitely have a sadistic nature because the sea, even in South Devon, is pretty chilly at this time of year.

If you decide to try and raise some money for charity and brave the Boxing Day weather, don’t be too alarmed when you are presented with a disclaimer form to sign. It is not to protect the organisers, should something untoward happen to you, it protects them from any complaints should they decide to cancel the event due to adverse weather conditions.

Torquay Boxing Day Swim

Torre Abbey Sands is the stretch of beach you should head for if you are staying in a holiday cottage in and fancy a dip in the sea on Boxing Day. The traditional swim takes place right in front of the five star Grand Hotel, just by the train station.

The crowds by the sea wall will direct you to where the action is. If you feel like something to warm you up afterwards, your best bet will be to go through the main doors of the Grand Hotel and keep on walking. Non-residents are welcome in the lounge for a drink and if you get there before the crowds and bag a seat by one of the windows you will be able to enjoy what is widely considered to be one of the best sea views in Torquay. What a lovely way to spend Boxing Day!

Is there a Boxing Day tradition where you live? One that all of the family can get involved with and which can only be described as a little bit out of the ordinary?

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