Shaldon is a quaint and quiet village most of the year, although this gets mixed up by a variety of festivals in the summer months. The village stands out for its Georgian architecture that is still in excellent shape, its mild beach which is great for bathing during the summer, and many small, independent shops and cafés ‐ big chains haven't ventured this far out yet. It's no surprise that many people fall completely in love with Shaldon and keep returning year after year, or end up buying a holiday home or even moving there!

Shaldon is just a short ferry ride away from Teignmouth and also has its own zoo, which might be small, but has a big collection of exotic birds and reptiles.

The nearby town of Teignmouth is situated on the northern bank of the River Teign and is known for its iconic red sandstone cliffs. Above all, Teignmouth attracts a lot of visitors each year for its folk festival, its jazz festival and the annual Teignmouth Carnival. The town is conveniently connected via rail by the train line that runs from London Paddington to Penzcance.

Culture & attractions around Teignmouth & Shaldon

The villages are very close to Torbay, one of Devon's most popular holiday destination with the towns Paignton, Torquay and Brixham that offer a dazzling variety of water sports, hiking and boat trips, museums, aquariums and archaeological wonders like Kents Cavern. Teignmouth railway station, just across the water from Shaldon gets you to all these attractions easily even if you don't drive.

Shaldon also hosts a variety of events, especially in the summer. The Shaldon Regatta is one of the oldest in England and dates back to at least the early 19th century. It spans nine days in August, which see the village more lively than at any other time of the year.

The first of May in Shaldon is still celebrated with a traditional May Pole dance, and in the summer months, each Wednesday sees the village step back in time to 1785 which a small market and vendors dressed in period costumes.

Teignmouth is not only interesting to visit during the summer month: each November, the town hosts a jazz and blues festival that manages to get international stars on stage each year and also includes several workshops for musicians at every skill level. Completely different, but no less exciting kind of music comes to Teignmouth during the folk festival, which takes place each June.

In July, Teignmouth Carnival not only offers a parade and week long fun fair, but many quirky competitions.

Must-do highlights around Teignmouth & Shaldon

Both Teignmouth and Shaldon are prime destinations for anyone interested in fishing, with lakes, rivers and the ocean often right on the doorstep of your holiday home. Although there are many good fishing spots all throughout the year, salmon fishing is what most people come here for.

For those who prefer plants to fish, the Homeyards Botanical Gardens are located at Shaldon's highest spot and not only feature many a large rose garden and a Japanese garden, but allows for breathtaking views of the village, the Teign estuary and the Jurassic Coast.

The main feature of the gardens, however, is Shaldon Castle, an ancient ruin that was only brought back to live less than 100 years ago ‐ Lady Leticia Homeyard commissioned the castle and gardens after her husband's death in 1920.

The Shaldon Wildlife Trust is a small zoo with a big mission. Located in an acre of natural woodland gardens, it tries to preserved some of the world's most endangered bird and reptile species as well as some smaller mammals. They might be small, but no less interesting than bigger animals!

The Dartmouth Steam Railway snakes its way along the coast line of the English Riviera and is one of Europe's most exciting steam railway journeys ‐ you can choose from many different ticket options, take a round trip or hop on and off wherever you like.

Eating & drinking around Teignmouth & Shaldon

Shaldon is well-known for its many small cafés which often are family businesses and produce the best cakes and other treats from local produce. The best coffee in the village can be found at the The Coffee Rush Cafe.

The Yummy Shop doesn't only sell a variety of local products and hand-made sweets, you can also enjoy the wide selections of coffees and teas and Devon farm ice cream there.

In Teignmouth, the Nautilus Seafood Restaurant serves both British and Mediterranean food in a relaxed tapas bar atmosphere. The best views of the romantic sunset over the estuary can be had from the Ship Inn pub.

Accommodation around Teignmouth & Shaldon

Teignmouth offers a big variety of holiday homes. For a luxurious escape, try 5 Kiniver Court, which plenty of space for up to 5 guests and an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom.

Ellia Cottage has three bedrooms and is great for a holiday with friends or family, especially for all those who like active holidays ‐ it's located right across from Teignmouth Lido.

In Shaldon, the spacious Georgian house East Cliff is located just a short walk from the beach and allows for al fresco dining with views of the beach and ocean.

So that's our round up of things to do on a weekend around Teignmouth & Shaldon. Have you ever been there? What would you recommend doing if someone went there for the weekend? Please share you experience with us…

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