If you ever feel like jumping off a cliff, or flying at high speed across a flooded quarry, Cornwall has just the place for you! Adrenalin Quarry has, in their own words, “Been throwing people off cliffs since 2009”.

The craziest zip wire experience in the UK

People travel the world in search of adrenalin-pumping activities and extreme sports, but you need go no further than Cornwall to get your next adrenalin-fix. Located just off the A38 at Menheniot near Liskeard, Adrenalin Quarry is the perfect location for having some serious fun, even for those who are “just passing through”.

Locally known as Clicker Quarry, the area was commercially quarried from 1932 until 1969 when it finally closed. The area was derelict until the owners of Kartworld decided that it was the perfect place for a zip line adventure. When completed, it was the UK's longest zip wire, although this title is now held by the even longer zip wire at the Eden Project.

The flooded quarry has rugged rocky sides that are ideal for climbing, using natural footholds, ladders and ropes. Once in position, you can leap into the water below, or endure one of several other challenges above the flooded pit.

Age is no excuse to chicken out as the youngest daredevil customer to jump off the cliff and experience max G was just 5 years old. Other experiences are for age 10 and above and all users must, of course, be competent swimmers.

Zip lining and the Giant Swing

Adrenalin Quarry offers the chance to zip across the flooded quarry at speeds of up to 40mph, or defy gravity by freefalling 150 feet above the water, bungee-style, from the supersized swing. Up to 3 riders are secured to the Giant Swing before it lets go, sending riders into thin air high above the water first forwards, and then backwards.

Alternatively, the zip line carries adrenalin junkies on a hair-raising 490-metre-long ride 50 metres above the water from cliff to cliff. There are twin parallel cables so you can even race your mates down for an added buzz.

If you want to relive your experience, or gain street-cred from skeptical friends and workmates, order a video of your experience. The video captures the full experience so you can replay it and relive the thrill as many times as you like. BTW, there's no anonymity with this ‐ Adrenalin Quarry posts your ordeal straight to your Facebook page, so best keep a brave face at all times.

Coasteering in Cornwall at Adrenalin Quarry

If you want a longer-lasting thrill, sign up for the newest adventure at Adrenalin Quarry ‐ coasteering with a twist, called The Blob. Here's how it works.

You need a friend (although chances are he won't be your friend any more after this). You friend sits on the end of the 12m long inflatable tube. You climb up the floating tower and jump onto the tube. The forces of nature/gravity take their natural course and your friend is launched into the air ‐ and then down into the water. You've seen the sort of thing with circus clowns, but now it's for real.

Once you're wet you might as well enjoy some wild swimming, climbing rock faces and jumping from the sheer cliffs into the lake. There is a safety boat and instructors to ensure everyone has fun but stays safe in this version of freshwater coasteering. It has all the thrills of true coasteering, but none of the uncertainty of bad weather or high tides to spoil the fun.

Wet suits, helmets and qualified instructors are provided. Just turn up and have a great time.

What exciting attractions have you experienced in Cornwall? Have you been zip lining or coasteering? Would you do it again? We'd love to hear your throughts!