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You Don’t Have To Be Ringo Starr To Have Fun With A Drum!

If you are someone with even a passing interest in anything that is percussion, then how does a weekend in the North Devon countryside sound with a group of like-minded people sound, basically having the time of your life?
In the Drum Gathering Festival which is held every September at Instow, North Devon, we have an event which can not only be described as something which is a little different but also a refreshing change to anything that you might have seen before. It is not unusual for anyone who is not really familiar with this kind of event to simply dismiss it as something that is a bit ‘arty farty’ but anyone who goes into it all with an open mind will no doubt be delighted by what they are about to experience.

So, what is a drum gathering exactly and what do you have to do if you decide to give it a go. Well, to start with the drum gathering in Instow, North Devon is about as laid back as it is possible to get. The ticket price of £35 gives you entry to the Gathering from the Friday to the Monday as well as the camping space. There are stalls and workshops available for the duration but the main emphasis is most definitely to have a great time.

Anyone who has any kind of interest in playing percussion instruments will find the gathering to be right up their street, they don’t have to be an expert, far from it because the range of people who come together include those who have only just realised the joys of playing a percussion instrument to those who play to a professional level. There is no snobbery though with regards to what standard you are, everyone just seems to muck in together.

As far as the venue goes, Tapeley Park can only be described as perfect, set in the Devon countryside there are plenty of opportunities to find a quiet space to simply relax and get away from the gathering if required. When it comes to the actual camping you are asked to keep noise down to a minimum in the campsite after 9pm as there are families with small children but down by the lake and in the barn is a different matter as the festivities often go on until the early hours.

For those who are not really interested in sleeping in a tent it is actually possible to sleep in the barn, don’t just expect to turn up though and expect a place as it is a popular option and booking beforehand is important. One thing to remember though if you would prefer this option, if you are expecting an early night in the barn forget it because as already mentioned, it is a hive of activity throughout the night with jamming sessions proving to be extremely popular.

All of the workshops which are held throughout the weekend are fee to attend and it must be said that every effort to give everyone who attends a really memorable experience, there is a pub nearby should you fancy a tipple but most people will stay on the site simply having a fantastic time.

Do you know of any other events similar to this North Devon drum gathering, an event that is cheap to attend but gives visitors an experience that they are unlikely to forget in a hurry?

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