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Wingz Bird and Animal Sanctuary promotes conservation in Par

Wingz started out as a personal collection of birds & rescued wildlife. It opened its gates in 2010 and now has over 80 species of rare & endangered birds.
only opened in 2010, but it now houses over 80 rare and exotic birds. Grenville and Anita Allen built up the private collection over 28 years and finally achieved a zoo licence. They now run an interesting wildlife attraction near and work closely with the and other wildlife organizations to promote conservation and education to all.

Wingz is an affordable family day out

Wingz is well worth visiting for families on a tight budget as it costs just £6 (2013 prices) for adults and the family admission pass offers even better value for money. The funds and any donations go towards feeding and housing rescued mammals and birds as well as providing an interesting day out for visitors.

This is one of the best places in Cornwall to see unusual parrots and rare exotic birds and are often bred as part of their vulnerable species breeding programme. The attraction was awarded the 2013 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor. Although it is a comparatively small bird and wildlife sanctuary it is in a very natural garden setting with native bushes and wild flowers which encourage plenty of butterflies.

Children will certainly enjoy peering into the many cages and seeing some of the birds which roam around the grounds. If you are lucky you may see a peahen with her babies in late spring. Children can have fun on the slides and play equipment while parents enjoy refreshments and snacks from the café. There are dog kennels providing water and shade for dogs as they are not allowed into the sanctuary as their presence may distress the resident birds and other creatures.

Owls, parrots and more

Some of the latest arrivals at Wingz are Bella and Tundra, two gorgeous snowy owls. Some of the other exotic birds you can see include brightly coloured macaws such as a Military Macaw called Oscar, a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot and a gorgeous white crested Moluccan Cockatoo. Red crested Touracos are really weird-looking birds with white faces, yellow beaks and red crests.

More commonly recognized birds include an African Grey Parrot, Millie the Cockatoo and the brown and back faced Red Breasted Geese.

Jay and Birdie are two gorgeous Sun Conures with golden breasts and green backs. Their cousins, the Blue Throated Conures, are also beautiful birds to admire and photograph. If you are fans of larger birds, check out the large and leggy Stanley Cranes with their grey feathers. Bunny is a huge European Eagle Owl, one the largest species of owls in Europe with a wingspan of over 6 feet. Even more fearsome looking is Eddie the Bengal Eagle Owl.

Hawaiian Geese, white cheeked Bulbuls and Carolina ducks are popular residents, but there are always new arrivals at Wingz for visitors to admire.

More than just birds at Wingz Bird Sanctuary

Although Wingz focuses mainly on birds, it does have a few other rescued animals including tiny marmoset monkeys with their white tufty ears. They are long-tailed tree-dwelling species, similar in appearance to squirrels. These residents have been successfully bred at Wingz and the babies are always a popular attraction.

Meerkats also live at Wingz and the babies are incredibly cute. You can purchase food from reception to feed some of the animals which makes it extra fun for children.

There is plenty of information for visitors about the birds and animals and the staff are always happy to answer any questions. The whole sanctuary is spotlessly clean, well maintained and beautifully laid out making it a great place to put on your must-do list if you are planning to rent a Cornish cottage near St Austell or Par.

We’re looking for some local feedback so please let us know your experience if you have already visited Birdz. Did you think it offered good value for money? Was it suitable for all ages? Thanks for sharing your comments with us!

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