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Wade in for the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships on Dartmoor

Rivers & lakes in Dartmoor host the prestigious Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship 2014, with world-class fishing for rainbow and brown trout.
Devon is a surprising host county for any Commonwealth Championship, but the fantastic lakes and streams have lured the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships to visit the Westcountry in 2014. The championships take place from 2nd to 9th June 2014 and will be held in a variety of locations in the Westcountry, including in the and National Parks.

Taking part in the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships

The International teams already confirmed to attend the 2014 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Competition include the England Ladies team, Scotland Ladies team and the South African Ladies team. All other teams are made up of men and represent England, Scotland, Wales, Wales Cymru, Northern Ireland, Australia Gold, Australia Green, New Zealand Silver Flies, South Africa, Canada Red, Canada White and a team from the Isle of Man.

The Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships was started in the early 1980s by Arthur Humbert and Tony Pawson. They were both keen participants in competition fly fishing but wanted to introduce more camaraderie and friendship into the events. They organised the first Commonwealth Fly Fishing Competition with those attributes in mind. The event still strives to promote international friendship between all the team members while remaining outside politics.

Fly Fishing Championships locations

The five different sessions will be hosted on four lakes and a river which are famous for their rainbow and brown trout fishing. Keen anglers will be interested to know that the river sections of the East and West Dart that will host the fishing events have never been artificially stocked with brown trout.

The trout caught here are exactly the same species as those left behind when the Ice Age retreated. Although not huge, the trout are plentiful, which is encouraging news for participants. The East and West Dart River also has Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout in its waters from April onwards.

For the Lake Fishing events, teams and participants are responsible for booking their boats ahead of time from the . It is part of competition rules that everyone wears a life jacket.

The selected lakes where fishing will take place are Siblyback Lake, Fernworthy, Kennick and Wimbleball. However, practice waters include scenic Burrator near Yelverton, Roadford Lake near Okehampton and the Avon Dam. Some venues require boats but Siblyback and the East and West Dart offer fly fishing from the banks.

Participants in the Fly Fishing Championships will not need to hold an individual fishing license as the event is covered by a block licence. However, anyone planning to do a little practice beforehand will need an Environmental Agency fishing licence, available online or from any Post Office.

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships HQ location

The river fishing sessions that will be part of the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships will be held free of charge on the Duchy Estate. The main HQ for the event will be the Passage House Hotel in Newton Abbot which is very easy to reach by train or road.

As well as being on the A38, Newton Abbot is on the direct train line from London Paddington. However, participants make their own arrangements for accommodation so holiday cottages around Newton Abbot and on Dartmoor are likely to be booked up for the duration of the event.

Even non-fishing folk can be involved in the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships. The event intends to include schools in the opening and closing events and spectators are always welcome.

Even if you don’t get down to Devon during the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships, you can enjoying the world class fishing in the county whenever you decide to visit. Just bring your rod and enjoy your own individual fly fishing event!

Calling all fly fishing enthusiasts! We’d love to know what your opinion of Devon’s river and lake fishing. Is it worthy of hosting the Commonwealth Championships?

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