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Try the Nordic Walking Taster Day at Trelissick Garden

If you fancy trying Nordic Walking then head down to Trelissick Garden and join in their Nordic Walking Taster Day. This free introductory session includes the use of Nordic poles. Just sign up and turn up in suitable footwear to give it a try.
If your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, get fit or meet new friends then you’re in luck. The Nordic Walking Taster Day at Trelissick Garden near Truro is a great way to try a new sport under expert guidance. This free experience for anyone to join in takes place on Saturday 18th January 2014. Booking is essential as this new sport is growing in popularity and places are limited.

Trelissick Garden is a great place to try the Nordic Walking Taster Day

The Nordic Walking Taster Day is run by . Each 30 minute session has 10 people per group and allows them to try walking with Nordic walking poles to enhance their natural walking experience. The sessions run from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Full Beginners Workshops also take place at Trelissick Garden and they are £15 per person, so the Taster Day Sessions are a bargain!

Participants should meet at the car park information point and be wearing suitable walking footwear (trainers are ideal rather than heavy walking boots). You should have waterproof clothing, just in case. Dogs on leads are welcome to join the stroll.

Nordic Walking is ideal for all ages, and where better to enjoy fresh air and exercise in beautiful surroundings than Cornwall? It’s a chance to do regular exercise with others, improve your strength and health, lose weight and have fun.

What the Nordic Walking Taster Day is all about

Nordic Walking is hiking with specially designed poles to enhance the natural walking experience – a sort of mixture of hiking and cross-country skiing. It exercises the whole body yet is suitable for all fitness levels. You can join the Taster Day at Trelissick as a complete beginner and see whether Nordic Walking is something you may want to join a group and enjoy regularly.

The poles distribute the effort of the exercise between your upper and lower body and make it easier to walk, especially uphill. The poles lessen the strain on joints and help tone the arms, stomach and buttocks, so it’s worth a little pain.

Walk Kernow provides different walks for different levels of fitness if you decide that this is the sport for you, after the Nordic Walking Taster Day at Trelissick. Slower and shorter walks are suitable even for those with mobility issues or recovering for illness. Slower Nordic walking is good for burning calories while faster walks increase fitness levels.

The many benefits of Nordic Walking in Cornwall

I’m told that Nordic Walking burns up to 46% more calories than walking without poles which is quite impressive. It also works 90% of your muscles, strengthens your back and abdomen and improves posture.

Joining a group of Nordic Walkers makes it a fun social experience and instructors provide a plan and direction. It’s also harder to quit if you have a pre-arranged appointment with your walking group, helping those whose New Year resolve may already be weakening by week three!

The Beginner Taster Session introduces complete novices to the skills, and Nordic poles are provided. You may want to bring water and a small snack, although Trelissick has a lovely restaurant for lunch before or after your Nordic Walking Taster Day. If you enjoy the session you can join the regular organised walks which continue to provide instruction and help improve your technique to get the full benefits of your new hobby.

Single group walks normally cost around £8 for those who buy their own Nordic walking poles, which cost around £60. But before you splash out, try it for free on the Trelissick Nordic Walking Taster Day and see how you get on.

Are you a Nordic Walker? Have you any tips to share with beginner walkers? Do you know of any good routes for Nordic walking? We’d love you to contribute to our comments box below.

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