If a Tintagel Castle tour in February sounds like something which would interest you, please listen up because there is a fantastic offer on at the moment which means that you can spend a day at this fabulous castle without having to pay for the privilege.

Anyone who enjoys visiting any of the English Heritage site across the UK will probably already be a member of the organisation but if not there are several reasons why joining up could very well be a good idea.

The benefits of being a member

To start with you will get free entry to over 400 historic sites as well as discounts at various events which are held throughout the year. There are also days throughout the year when particular sites have offers for members only, and this is the case for the Tintagel Castle Tour which takes place in the middle of February.

During the winter months the castle is only open to visitors at weekends so this exclusive member's only tour which takes place on a Monday has a hint of exclusivity about it. Without wishing to sound snobbish, walking around this magnificent old castle without the hustle and bustle of the crowds really is quite lovely and without wishing to offend families, as it is term time there are very few children running about the place.

Stories to capture your imagination

Tintagel is near the towns of Boscastle and Camelford and few people would argue that there is something which is quite mystical about the place. The tales of King Arthur really are the stuff of legends and it is quite easy to let your imagination completely run wild whilst walking around the ruins.

The views from Tintagel Castle are absolutely stunning and the guides who conduct these tours so very well will have you standing there in awe as they share some of the fantastic stories of the castle and surrounding area with you.

Remember to wrap up warm

If you have not visited this magical place before it should perhaps be noted that it is really a ruin as opposed to a castle which is still intact. The reason for mentioning this is because it is very much open to the elements. The castle may have dramatic views but it doesn't half get windy up there and if the weather is bad you will certainly know about it so remember to listen to the weather forecast beforehand and dress accordingly.

If you are not able to make the members only day in February it should not put you off because a trip to the castle in the summer months is also very highly recommended, even with the crowds.

There is also the added benefit then of the brilliant beach café being open. This café is situated just a short walk down the hill from the castle and is literally right on the beach and a quick drink and a bite to eat there will round off a perfect day.

So, if you are a member of English Heritage, this exclusive guided tour should not be missed but for non-members, make a point of visiting during the summer months and you will be assured of enjoying a wonderful, mysterious day out.

Few people would argue that Tintagel is a magical place but do you know of anywhere else in the UK that can lay claim to a similar magical history? Do you have your own particular favourite castle or ruin that really stands out in your memory? Please let us know…