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The Pendennis Castle Ghost Hunt – Only for the brave

The Pendennis Castle Ghost Hunt is no gimmick. This ghost hunt is taken seriously, so be prepared to witness things that are very much out of the ordinary.If the thought of the fills you with dread then it goes without saying that you can probably think of better things to do on a cold night in the middle of February.

If on the other hand though you are one of the increasing numbers of people who absolutely love the idea, then this Pendennis Castle Ghost Hunt will be just up your street.

Before we go any further, this is not one of those events where you will find people dressed up in old fashioned costumes and waiting to make you jump at any given opportunity. Not at all, the individuals who organise and attend events like this take it all very seriously and it really could be said that they are dabbling in the unknown, you have been warned!

The ideal venue

is situated in Falmouth and it can certainly lay claim to a fascinating history which is the main reason why it was chosen for this spooky event, as well as the fact that there have been many ghostly sightings over the years.

The castle was built in 1539 under the reign of Henry VIII and is now looked after by . The castle is still very much a castle as opposed to being the ruins of one and anyone who has visited in the past will confirm that it is not difficult to imagine what life was like there a few hundred years ago.

So many sightings

The reporting’s of ghost sightings are too many to mention with many of them reportedly being a result of the many women and children who died at the castle during the civil war. Reports of the sounds of children’s laughter as well as various soldiers walking about the place have obviously gained the attention of paranormal investigators and this ghost hunt is a result of that.

According to the organisers of the ghost hunt, the whole castle is covered unless one particular area proves to be particularly active.

You have been warned!

The evening’s proceedings start at 7pm and finish at 1am and if you feel like visiting one of the nearby pubs beforehand for some Dutch courage please be advised to take it easy. Any tomfoolery due to having consumed one to many will not go down well with the rest of the group who take it all very seriously! Also don’t forget that there will be no one to hold your hand when you have to keep nipping off to the toilet and your imagination will be running wild at that point!

Most people who attend these events say that the ghost hunt passes by in a flash as there is always something going on with the location of this particular event making the proceedings even more fascinating.

The cost of the ghost hunt is £50 which isn’t too bad really. Tea and coffee are included throughout the night and if you are staying in accommodation nearby over the weekend don’t forget to take a torch as the short walk back will be very much on the dark side, Please pardon the pun!

Have you ever been on any of these ghost hunts which are proving to be so popular of late? More to the point though, did you actually see a ghost? Please share your spooky stories with us, we’d love to hear from you…


  1. Will says:

    Recently me and my friend walked up past the castle at night, strangely enough we decided to climb over a small fence into where two large guns are situated and look out over the point. I think it’s the army barracks left over from the war, it’s a creepy enough place in the day but as we walked down some steps just exploring it we noticed a dark shadow standing up where one of the guns is, what looked to be a figure, it was incredibly eerie and this freaked us out so we left quickly, having now read up about Pendennis being haunted it’s no surprise, if you go there you’ll find a spooky presence about the place.

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