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Showjumping and shopping at the Westcountry Christmas Equine Fair

How about spending a lovely weekend just before Christmas surrounded by horses and horsey folk at the South West Christmas Equine Fair in Exeter.Anyone with an interest in horses should definitely make a note in their diary for the first weekend in December. This is when the annual Westcountry Christmas Equine Fair Fair takes over the impressive Westpoint arena in Exeter.

This Equine Fair attracts horse lovers from all over Devon as well as further afield and there really is a lovely atmosphere about the place. Christmas is less than three weeks away and the event often seems like something of a party as friends meet up and the ‘horsey set’ compete, relax and have a good time.

Demonstrations and competitions at the Westcountry Equine Fair

This Equine Fair is part competition and part show, making it the ultimate all-round equestrian experience. The event attracts many top show jumpers and Olympic champions such as . If dressage is your passion, is often one of the main competitors to show off her precision and skills in various demonstrations.

Showjumping demonstrations run into the evening along with many informative sessions and advice available from the pros. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider with your own stables, there are some excellent presentations such as “Think Like a Pony” which demonstrates the psychology and correct way to lead a pony safely and confidently.

More entertainment is provided in the arena by teams such as the South West Vaulting Squad and the exciting Pony Club Horse and Hound Challenge. There’s also training workshops on Intelligent Horsemanship and the Junior Show Jumping Competition, so lots to see and do.

Great shopping for horse lovers

If you have ever been to the West Point Arena in Exeter before you will know only too well that it is absolutely massive. Events such as the Devon County Show are held there and it can sometimes feel like you are walking around a small town. However, the Equine Fair is situated in the area around the main hall and is far more intimate and manageable.

As you might expect of a fair of this nature, there are lots of opportunities to purchase various equine products and with the indoor shopping village in the Main Hall and Annexe, there is absolutely everything that any equine lover could ever wish for.

It should perhaps be mentioned that not only horse lovers will enjoy the Westcountry Christmas Equine Fair; there’s plenty to amuse everyone over the two day event. The only thing that might put non horse lovers off is that they will have to pay over thirty-five quid for the whole family to attend.

From Pony Club to Olympic Riders

There are all sorts of exhibitions held throughout the weekend. World class show jumpers show the crowds how it should be done and there are also events arranged by the Pony Club and the Young Farmers.

There are plenty of horse shows and equine events taking place around Devon. Which ones would you recommend to other riders looking for a horse-themed day out?

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