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Sail down to Armada Way for Plymouth Christmas Market

Plymouth is perfect for a Christmas market; plenty of room to wander about & take in the Yuletide spirit - great for anyone with Christmas on their mind!
Plymouth Christmas Market is now a well-established annual event. It starts on the third Thursday in November and runs throughout December until Christmas Eve, so there’s plenty of time to visit a couple of times. It’s a great opportunity to pick up some unusual gifts, food and decorations in a very festive atmosphere.

It has become something of a trend over recent years for cities across the UK to stage Christmas markets during the month of December. They certainly bring a Christmas feel to city centres such as Plymouth and attract plenty of shoppers.

Plenty of space for Plymouth Christmas Market

seems to have got it right with their own Christmas Market which is situated on Armada Way and Cornwall Street. There is plenty of space for visitors to be able to stroll around without getting stuck in the crowds.

Log cabins are set up along the roadside and are decorated with fairy lights in an attempt to recreate that authentic German Christmas Market atmosphere which has proved to be so popular, attracting tourists from all over Europe. Each stall is rented out to a business or individual who hope to entice the buying public with their seasonal offerings.

The Christmas lights have already been switched on when the Plymouth Christmas Market opens at the end of November, so the best time to pay it a visit would be during the late afternoon, just as it is getting dark. With Christmas carols playing in the background and the delicious smells wafting over from the food stalls, it creates a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

Best places to park for the Plymouth Christmas Market

There are several car parks behind the Theatre Royal and the Civic Centre including a multi-storey. Alternatively, park the car at the Barbican Coxside car park and walk across to the city centre where the Christmas market can be found. It is probably a ten-minute walk, fifteen at a push, but when you have finished shopping you can head back to the Barbican for a bite to eat.

Don’t worry about the walk, the area around the Barbican is well lit up and there are some fantastic places for you to rest your weary legs and relax. There is a JD Wetherspoon’s on the Barbican, , and it offers great value for money when it comes to eating and drinking.

However, there are plenty of stalls on the Christmas market offering tasty hot snacks and drinks. This may be your only chance to try some of the authentic Christmas favourites from the continent such as stollen (fruitcake), lebkuchen (gingerbread), crepes, chocolate covered marzipan, and spicy star-shaped cookies called Platzchen. With British favourites such as Christmas puddings and mince pies as well as cheeses, pickles and preserves for sale, you really won’t go hungry!

Spoilt for choice on Plymouth’s Christmas Market Stalls

In previous years there have been some very unique stalls, such as one by TV chefs Chris and James Tanner. They run the acclaimed on nearby Finewell Street on the Barbican. Hopefully they will be returning to serve hot rolls stuffed with roast pork and apple sauce (with perfect crackling!), hot dogs with red onion marmalade and their delicious Westcountry burgers with cheddar and bacon.

Other items to look out for at Plymouth Christmas Market are pop-up wooden baskets, Fairtrade jewellery, Cornish slate clocks and wine stoppers, handmade candles, wooden spoons and chopping boards, Balinese wind chimes, leather goods, children’s story books, hand knitted hats and scarfs, nuts and olives, kangaroo burgers (really!), pies, chocolates and sweets. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Is Christmas your favourite time of the year? Have you got a favourite Christmas market you attend each year? We’d love to hear of other similar events in the area.

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