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Rosemary and garlic may protect you on the Dartmouth Castle Ghost Tour

If you are looking for something to do in Devon which is just a little different, the Dartmouth Castle family ghost tour could be just up your street.
Dartmouth Castle still remains an impressive looking building as it guards the narrow entrance to the Dart Estuary. However, visiting after dark for the Dartmouth Castle Ghost Tour shows the building in a very dark and sinister light. This English Heritage event takes place on the third Saturday in February and is suitable for everyone over the age of 8 with nerves of steel.

English Heritage has done a fine job of restoring to its former glory. It is one of those places where you don’t have to try too hard to imagine what it must have been like for the soldiers who were based there. Located just outside the picturesque town of , it is just a few minutes’ walk from the historic town centre.

Spooky Dartmouth Castle Ghost Tours

During the winter months Dartmouth Castle is usually only open during the day to the general public but an exception is made on the third Saturday in February when the castle hosts a family ghost tour. Book your place early at either 6pm or 7:30pm and join in the scary fun.

These ghost tours are really well organized and historically researched by English Heritage staff. They are not so scary that any children under the age of twelve will end up having a phobia of dark places and things that go bump in the night. Even though children have to be at least eight years of age to join in, there is more of a fun feel about the evening. In fact, you are likely to spend more time laughing than screaming.

Ghost Tours are a mine of historic information

More than anything, these Dartmouth Castle Family Ghost Tour really are very interesting and the fact that there is a scary side to the event seems to make everyone listen extra carefully. The tour includes the Gun Battery and the maze of passageways in the 600-year-old castle. Be prepared for the various characters lurking down the long cold corridors in the castle, lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors.

The tour lasts for around one hour and if there was one complaint it would have to be that it is all a bit on the pricey side, especially after the extravagance of Christmas. As with all English Heritage events though, a discount is available if you pay the annual £47 English Heritage membership fee. If you are likely to visit a number of their properties throughout the year, this may be something to consider.

First class restaurants in Dartmouth

When the ghost tour is over, it would be an ideal opportunity to stroll down into the centre of Dartmouth for a bite to eat. The town has become something of a mecca for really good restaurants over the past few years and there is sure to be an eatery which will take your fancy. The added bonus is that booking a table shouldn’t be too difficult at this time of the year.

Dartmouth Castle Family Ghost Tour is certainly a unique way to spend a winter’s evening and if you combine it with a visit to the town, you and your family will certainly have a fabulous time.

Have you been on a Dartmouth Castle Family Ghost Tour, or maybe anther ghost related event in Devon? Do you have some tales to tell from your own scary encounters? Did they leave you quaking in your boots or did you have trouble trying not laugh? Please share your experiences with us, we’d love to find out more!

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