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Llama Trekking in East Devon

Looking for something different to do in East Devon? Why not go llama trekking? These intelligent but gentle animals love being accompanied on a walk.
Llama trekking is the latest way to get fit while enjoying a one-on-one eco-friendly encounter with wildlife. Now it’s available in East Devon, at near . The attraction was a finalist in the Express and Echo Business Awards 2012 and provides a unique activity in some of the most stunning scenery in Devon.

Llama trekking at Peak Hill Llamas

The business was started as Peak Hill Llamas in 2006 by animal lover Maggie who has worked with animals for over 25 years, and her partner Paul. The first llamas, Rufus and Jonesy have since been joined by Ben, Golly, Blitzen, Guy, Mac and Ollie. They range in colour from white to dark brown, some with black patches. The llamas are fortunate enough to live in one of East Devon’s most scenic areas overlooking the World Heritage Jurassic Coast.

Llama trekking is also known as walking with llamas. Visitors don’t actually ride llamas as they are not pack animals, but they do carry refreshments and waterproofs, just in case.

Llamas are friendly and intelligent

These animals are super friendly and love nothing better than a walk with human company. Gentle and highly intelligent, llamas are great fun to walk with on a lead rein. These animals have been “clicker-trained” and apparently llamas can be used to do many different tasks from ringing a bell to picking up litter.

The whole experience of llama trekking is very relaxing as you amble along as part of the group, leading your new shaggy-coated friend as you chat or drink in the stunning coastal scenery. Inland views include Haytor on on a clear day, and the island of Portland in Dorset, 45 miles to the east.

Choose an uphill walk or one of the flatter routes to suit your own abilities – the llamas can handle all gradients. They walk at a relaxed pace and their inquisitive nature involves frequent stops so the walks are not too taxing. Part of the trek includes refreshments and llama treats – goat mix which the llamas clearly relish!

Morning walks include elevenses while the afternoon walks end at the Llama Lookout gazebo for a Devon Cream Tea, for the humans, at least. As part of the farm’s commitment to being a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity, all refreshments include fair trade tea and coffee and locally sourced food and thick Devonshire cream.

Guided walks with llamas on the South West Coast Path

The guided walks are all contained on the 330 acre farm which mainly farms sheep and beef cattle. The walks also take in a stretch of the . You can imagine the strange looks you get from other hikers along the route as they come face to face with… what WAS that thing?

Walks are available for up to 6 visitors, minimum of two as the llamas are pack animals. Walking lasting one to two hours can be arranged with or without refreshments and prices start at £50 for two people accompanied by two llamas.

Other llama experiences include learning about the care and behaviour of llamas with hands-on experiences including grooming the animals, giving them breakfast, exercising the llamas around the fields and trying your hand at a llama agility course. It’s fabulous fun, a great conversation piece and if you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover, what could be more fun than giving a llama trekking gift voucher?

Llamas are increasingly popular as a domestic farmyard pet. Have you ever had an encounter with a llama? Do you know anywhere else that offers Llama Trekking? We’d love you to add your comments to our blog!

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