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Interrogate! Festival – In Pursuit Of Happiness

With the pressures of modern living it seems that the majority of us are just making the best of things but there is a festival in South Devon whose sole aim is to teach people how to be happy.
If you are familiar with the town of Totnes in Devon you will probably smile to yourself when you realise what the which is held on the second weekend in October is all about, wait for it… happiness!

If you’re happy and you know It…

What a wonderful theme for a festival, don’t you agree, and one thing is most definitely for sure, the Totnes crowd which are usually behind events such as this will most certainly make sure that the Interrogate! Festival is something which will be memorable for all of the right reasons.

The venue for the event is the magnificent which is situated just outside Totnes, this is such a friendly place to visit anyway with lots to do, plenty of walks and workshops to get involved in with some fantastic places to eat but the actual Interrogate! Festival is something which is very special indeed.

The festival explores what makes us happy and if we are not happy at the moment, what we have to do in order to change the tide and start to feel a little differently about ourselves. Participation is definitely the buzz word for the weekend so if you are someone who just likes to sit back and let others get involved, this may not be for you but the organisers are keen to point out that everyone really is a friendly bunch and there is no need at all to be self conscious in any way.

Such is the laid back nature of the event, attendees are welcome to stay for an hour or the whole weekend, no pressure either way but if you step back and think about it for one minute, what have you got to lose, exactly… nothing!

Bring on the clowns

For anyone who is under the illusion that all of the people both behind this festival, and for that matter all of those who will be attending will all be the hippy types that seem to flock to Totnes like bees to a honey pot, just take a look at the contributors who have been lined up.

They range from comedians to a labour life peer and from a former BBC news reader to highly talented musicians, all of whom are passionate about happiness and who have realised how it is possible to live a life dedicated to the cause. It is rare for such a diverse group of well known and talented people to come together in one place at the same time so hats off to the organisers of the Interrogate! Festival for managing to pull it off.

There is little doubt that the pursuit of happiness will go on well into the night and there are not many more apt places to celebrate than at Dartington Hall which seems to transmit a magical glow when darkness falls.

Due to the very nature of this gathering, friends for life will be made during the weekend and it will soon become apparent that the Interrogate! Festival could really turn out to be something of a life changer for all of those who are prepared to lose their inhibitions and get involved.

This festival has to be one of a kind but are there any others where both the people who are visiting and the people who are attending have one common cause, to be happy? Has this kind of thing already caught on or is Totnes leading the way when it comes to celebrating happiness?

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