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Exeter Christmas Market: Shop in the shadow of the cathedral

The green in front of Exeter Cathedral is a stunning location at any time and putting a Christmas Market on there is definitely a master stroke.
This is the first time that Exeter Christmas Market has been held but if it goes well, which it surely will, it is planned that it will be a regular feature every year.

The market couldn’t really have a more stunning location. is right in the middle of and the cathedral green stretches out in front of the cathedral and is surrounded by the most wonderful independent shops and restaurants.

This is where you will find the world class chef ‘ restaurant, Abode. It should perhaps be noted that the lunch time menu there costs far less then you might imagine and is definitely worth a visit if time permits during your visit to the market, booking is essential though.

A classy market

There will be stalls of every description at the market including the obligatory fast food stalls but according to the organisers they have gone to great lengths to ensure that the produce and products that are being sold are of the type that complement the unique surroundings and steer away from some of the more common type of goods that are sometimes sold on the markets.

There is a small wall which surrounds the cathedral green and this is always popular for people to sit on and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. Don’t forget that there is a Marks and Spencer’s food hall about a two minute walk away from the green on the High Street so why not pick up something from there and watch the world go by whilst sitting in the shadow of the cathedral, weather permitting of course!

Shop in safety

Exeter really is unlike many other cities in the UK due to the fact that there is a really safe feel about the place. You are highly unlikely to be accosted by anyone asking for money or witness dodgy looking groups of people menacingly walking around the town.

Even the is not like the usual faceless shopping centres which seem to be the norm these days, this one is not covered as such and you don’t get that claustrophobic feel as you walk around. At the other end of the town everyone has been buzzing because of the opening of a John Lewis store which is the first one to be opened south of Bristol.

A few hours or even a day of Christmas shopping in could be the perfect complement to a trip to the cathedral green market which is open until 16th December and until late in the evening every day except Sunday when it closes at 5pm.

A relaxing drink

If your budget won’t stretch to lunch at ‘ restaurant there are lots of other fantastic places to eat or drink, from the usual chains to the more independent establishments with one option being the five minute walk across the high street to Gandy Street. Here you will find some lovely little bars and restaurants where you will be able to sit back and relax, reflecting on a lovely day spent Christmas shopping in Exeter.

Is there a town or city which you make a point of visiting every year to shop and take in the Christmas spirit, somewhere that you would be happy spending the whole day just walking around and indulging in some retail therapy?

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