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Diggerland has the ultimate boys’ toys!

With so many full-size and miniature JCBs and construction machinery to try out, Diggerland is a great excuse for Dads to take their kids on a day out.
Located just off the M5 at junction 27, Diggerland is in the heart of agricultural Devon where JCBs and tractors are a way of life for most farmers. However, those with slightly less exciting vehicles in the garage will be keen to get their hands dirty at this splendid attraction. This fun theme park received a Certificate of Excellence in 2013 and continues to be as popular as ever.

Diggerland is JCB Heaven!

is the ultimate adventure park for anyone who has ever fancied having a go on some larger-than-average earthmovers and construction machinery. There are a range of full-size diggers, dumpers and construction machinery which both adults and children can take control of without the tedious requirement of a special license, or indeed any driving license at all.

There are over 15 different themed attractions and each one offers a unique challenge. You can get to grips with a full-size JCB as you search for buried treasure. You will soon appreciate just how skilled professional operators are as they control these cumbersome machines to within a fraction of an inch as they move, carry and excavate using the massive scoops.

Try your hand at excavating using one of the giant dirt diggers or the ultimate JCB 3CX. More unusual and specialized machinery for you to experience including the massive 8065. Diggerland staff are on hand to help you get to grips with the machinery controls and are certainly very patient.

You can also drive a Dumper Truck; the ultimate bumpy ride. If you visit Diggerland with family and friends, you’ll love the Formula JCB Racing as you compete against each other.

Digger-themed rides

As well as actually driving these yellow monsters, visitors can experience some unusual rides. The Spin Dizzy ride aptly describes this ride in the giant-sized bucket of a JS220L as you get lifted, tipped and spun around at dizzying speeds.

The Sky Shuttle provides another adrenaline rush as you are lifted 50 feet into the air and then gently lowered to the ground enjoying stunning views. The Ground Shuttle ride has seats in a huge digger which swings passengers around and there is a merry-go-round with a difference as riders sit in digger scoops.

Younger visitors have their own dedicated digger fun. Those aged 9 and above can have a hands-on driving lesson in a Mitsubishi Pajero – a dream for would-be drivers. Other ways to get around the fun park include the Diggerland Train.

The rows of mini-diggers are perfect for beginner drivers and youngsters are challenged to knock over skittles, excavate for treasure or fish for ducks. The mini-size tractors and dumper trucks are perfectly proportioned for smaller hands. As well as driving Bobcats and mini Land Rovers, visitors can ride in 4×4 vehicles including a police car and a safari truck.

There is a play area with zip wires, slides and a scramble net as well as an indoor soft play area and a bouncy castle.

An affordable day out at Diggerland

What I was most impressed about at Diggerland was the very affordable all-inclusive admission price of this full day out attraction. In 2013 prices were £17 for everyone over 90cm tall, and that comes down to £14.99 if you prebook tickets online. There are discounts for those over the age of 65 and admission is free for youngsters under 90cm tall. However, some rides and experiences are height restricted, so this may not be the ideal day out for those with very young children.

For most children it is an exciting dream come true as they drive real four wheel drive cars around a dirt track with Dad in the back seat for a change!

There are some short queues for more popular rides in the summer holidays, but generally it is only for a few minutes. Certainly you never hear visitors to Diggerland complaining that they are bored – there is always something new to move on to.

Have you visited Diggerland in Devon? What was the most popular ride for you and/or your family? We’d love to hear your experiences at this or other similar theme parks in the Devon area.

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