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Dartmoor Railway: The Polar Express – Devon Style!

Looking for a Christmas treat for the whole family? Booking a trip on the Polar Express & enjoy non-stop action all of the way along your Christmas journey.
For anyone who is looking for a film to watch will set the tone for Christmas, then will no doubt be at the top of many people’s list. The film is regarded as a Yuletide classic but what if you could take your children on a real Polar Express and watch their faces as they become completely absorbed in the magic of it all?

A brilliant idea

The Polar Express has come to Okehampton in North Devon by courtesy of the and whoever thought of the idea deserves a medal because a trip on will stay in every passengers memory for a very long time afterwards due to the fact that it really is a magical experience.

The scenery which the train ride takes in from Okehampton lends itself perfectly to the whole theme of The Polar Express and even though it probably won’t be snowing it just does not seem to matter as there is so much going on on the train.

Hot chocolate anyone?

The journey to Stanhope goes by like a flash because there is so much going on. The carriages are decked out in exactly the same way as The Polar Express and the children are welcome, even encouraged, to come in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. The music from the film is played in the background whilst everyone gets stuck into steaming mugs of hot chocolate which are served by a number of dancing chefs.

As you would probably expect if you have seen the film, a big deal is made out of checking the tickets with the conductor checking that everyone has paid. The Polar Express story is read out aloud and if anyone wasn’t feeling just that little bit Christmasy before they boarded the train, they certainly will be now. The hobo usually makes an appearance without a ticket which always
generates screams of laughter as the conductor does his best to catch him.

Here comes Santa

When the train arrives at Stanhope everyone is told that the train has arrived at the North Pole and this is where Santa and his helpers get on board and hand out presents to all of the passengers. The journey back is full of more fun and laughter with everyone joining in with the singing of Christmas carols so if you are looking for a treat for the whole family this Christmas which is just a little bit different, you know where to go.

It should be noted that it is not just the children who turn up dressed in their pyjamas and dressing gowns as quite a few of the adults do too. The carriages are lovely and warm so don’t worry about getting a cold on the run up to Christmas and it is a stone cold certainty that you will never enjoy a mug of drinking chocolate as much as you enjoy the one on The Polar Express.

There must be lots of other ingenious events and occasions which are staged just before Christmas which involve more that just going to see Santa, do you know of any?

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