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All The Fun Of The Fair On The Torquay Big Wheel

Having caused a great deal of attention in London's Olympic Park, the big wheel has arrived in Torquay
For many years the skyline along Torquay’s seafront has never changed, there are none of these high rise apartments or modern state of the art hotels which many people would argue to be a bad thing, but over the last year or two we have had the infamous ‘Balloon’ and now the Big Wheel. The balloon is no longer with us but the Big Wheel is here until the end of October when it will be going back to London for the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

When the news of the Big Wheel coming to Torquay was first made public the initial reaction was one of complete disinterest, most people just thought of the big wheel as one of those fairground attractions which charged an absolute fortune for five minutes of boredom, but perhaps note should have been taken of the fact this this Big Wheel is a little different, after all, it has come directly from London’s Victoria Park Olympic celebrations!

On first site, one of the most common reactions is that people just can’t believe how big the wheel is, at 197 feet tall and weighing in at over 365 tons is can only be described as enormous and about as far removed from one of those fair ground rides than it is possible to get.

When you have paid your money for your ride on the wheel, (at only a fiver for adults it is less than half of the price that was being charged in London) you are directed to the next available pod which is like an enclosed capsule. There is a VIP pod which has blacked out windows and you get a bottle of champagne but for most people your regular everyday pod will do the job just fine.

The ride lasts for 12 minutes and goes by in a flash, one of the advantages of the enclosed pods is that the rides can be enjoyed whatever the weather but the view from the top is staggering with the views stretching for many miles. There is a commentary of the surrounding area from within the pod and this really does add to the experience with various facts being shared that you may not have known about.

There are a couple of things to mention which could save you some money, firstly, if you go to the Big Wheel website and book the tickets online you get a 10% discount.

Secondly, as there are often queues for the wheel the people behind it all have set up a stall which sells the usual fast food and drinks. As it is in effect a captive audience, the prices that they charge reflect this but if you take a quick walk towards the Pavilion which is situated behind the wheel and over the bridge by the harbour there is a superb fish and chip shop by the name of Chandlers Chippy where you will be able to indulge at a fraction of the price, before or after your ride on the Torquay Big Wheel.

Do you know of any similar rides or attractions away from the usual fairground surroundings which offer an experience that you may not have been expecting?

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