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A winter’s weekend in St Ives, leave the bucket and spade at home!

The small Cornish seaside town of St Ives has long been a favourite during the summer months but many people just do not realise what they are missing by not visiting during what is commonly considered as the close season.
Some places in the UK lend themselves perfectly to a January weekend break without the need for lots of shopping and without the hustle and bustle of various events. One place in particular which is lovely at this time of the year and a favourite for so many is the town of St Ives in Cornwall.

This place has been a favourite with artists for many years as the unique light gives an entirely different perspective on the whole area. It doesn’t matter though if you are an artist or not, there is no doubt you will find a weekend in to be a refreshing change after the Christmas festivities have died down.

The Tate in Cornwall!

Whatever your plans for the weekend break, make sure that you make time for a visit to the which can be found more or less on the beach at St Ives. It was a real coup for the area when The Tate decided to establish a base there because it fits in with the surroundings perfectly with the view from the massive window at the front of the building a masterpiece in itself.

One thing to be aware of in particular though is that if you are planning a long weekend in St Ives, don’t leave visiting the Tate until the Monday because at this time of the year it will be closed. It also shuts at twenty past four on the Saturday and Sunday so give yourself plenty of time to look around because you will need it.

Pure relaxation

Even though St Ives at this time of the year is proving to be more and more popular, the last thing it could be described as is busy so this means that there are some fantastic bargains to be had with both places to stay and places to eat.

St Ives has a wealth of holiday accommodation to offer and there are some absolute gems with views to die for. What could be better than pulling back the curtains on a cold January morning and looking out over the Atlantic Ocean and looking forward to a relaxing day spent just enjoying this wonderful Cornish town.

Dine on the beach

It would be fair to say that there are a large number of superb restaurants in St Ives with one in particular being a little different from the rest. is literally situated on the beach with the most stunning views that you could ever imagine. There is no getting away from the fact that enjoying a meal there is the summer months is a wonderful experience but there is something about dining there on a cold January evening which makes it all seem even more special.

The food is wonderful, the staff are great and prices are quite reasonable which all makes for a lovely experience in St Ives in the middle of winter.

Have you visited St Ives in the winter? Is it as beautiful as it is in the summer? Do you have a favourite place to visit during the winter months, somewhere that is perhaps better known as a summer resort? Does it all make a refreshing change from the usual hustle and bustle of the high season? Let us know…

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