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Callington Honey Fair is a-buzz with activity!

The first Wednesday of October is when the Honey Fair is celebrated by the good people of Callington, a fantastic day is guaranteed but if you have a sweet tooth, stay away from the honey cream tea because you just won't know when to stop!
The Callington Honey Fair is held on the first Wednesday of October every year and is a firm favourite with both the locals and visitors from further afield. The whole town turns out in force to join in with the fun and there is little doubt that the unique atmosphere which is created leaves a lasting impression on everyone who is involved.

An early start at the Callington Honey Fair

The Callington Honey Fair kicks off at ten in the morning and anyone who is visiting the fair for the first time will get the impression that there is something of an arts and crafts feeling about the whole affair. All along the streets there are lots of stalls, many of which are raising money for various charities. The fair has grown to become one of the largest street fairs in Cornwall.

As the fair gets into full swing, street artists, clowns and various entertainers mingle amongst the crowds and before you know it, the Callington Honey Fair is in full swing. There’s even a funfair and a Town Crier competition to join in.

Top of the shops

Every year, a shop window competition takes place amongst the local traders and judging by the standard of the window displays, the traders take the competition very seriously indeed. It is surprisingly entertaining to walk up and down the street looking at the decorative efforts that have been made.

How many years the Honey Fair has been taking place is up for debate; Callington was actually awarded a market charter by Henry III in 1267 and some locals will lay claim to the fair being started at that time. However, most historians now agree that the Honey Fair started in the late 1800’s – still quite a history.

Devon cream teas take on a new twist at the Callington Honey Fair

As the name would suggest, the Callington Honey Fair is based on the theme of honey. The Town Hall is where all of the judging of the honey takes place and local beekeepers compete for honey awards. The Cornwall Beekeepers Association also has a wonderful display for anyone wanting to get into beekeeping as a hobby themselves.

School children compete in a school arts competition with plenty of artwork on display for the thousands of visitors to judge. Something that should most definitely not be missed, especially by those with a sweet tooth, is the legendary Honey Fair cream teas, also known as “Teas with the Bees” If you are partial to the more traditional type of cream tea you will think that you have died and gone to heaven with this new twist on Devonshire cream-topped scones.

The fair also offers an ideal opportunity to carry out some Christmas shopping in a completely stress free and enjoyable environment. The stalls offer a wide range of produce and some unique gifts which grandparents and friends are sure to appreciate.

Credit has to be given to the who put a great deal of effort into arranging the fair every year and they really do this lovely town in Cornwall proud.

Have you ever heard of a Honey Fair anywhere else in the UK? We’d love to hear of other similar events celebrating this ancient natural food, so do share your knowledge with us all.

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