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Boot up for the Fal River Autumn Walking Festival

For those taking part in the Fal River Autumn Walking Festival, the beauty of the Fal River and its surroundings provides plenty of entertainment.
Started in 2011, the Fal River Autumn Walking Festival takes place over 17 days from mid-October to early November. Although a relatively new Cornish Festival, the organisers confidently expect this year to be better than ever. This fun local walking festival does exactly what it says on the tin by offering lots of opportunities to take part in walks which embrace the stunning scenery around the Fal River and the Roseland Peninsula.

The Fal River Autumn Walking Festival attracts many visitors

The Fal River Autumn Walking Festival was originally set up in an attempt to attract more visitors into the area in the quieter months of October and November as well as encouraging the locals to explore the area and improve their health and fitness. Sponsored by The Nare, the response was phenomenal with the common consensus being that there cannot be many more beautiful places to explore on foot than right here in Cornwall. Walks include the Roseland Peninsula, Helford Passage and routes from to .

It is obvious that the organisers have put in a great amount of effort in setting up this Conrish walking festival and if you thought that it was just a matter of setting off and finding your own way around then think again. There are guided walks and non-guided walks available and these all provide a sure way to strike up conversations with new friends with a similar interest in outdoor pursuits.

For anyone who is not familiar with the area then a guided walk will be just the ticket as the guides know the area inside out and will be able to point out different aspects of the area that would probably have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Everyone welcome

As far as the non-guided walks go, these group rambles are available for people of all abilities, and dogs are more than welcome to join in with the fun. There are lots of opportunities along the way to stop for a drink and a bite to eat with many of the pubs and restaurants in the area sponsoring various walks.

Some of the walks which are available are basically full blown hikes, so if this is your idea of a good time you probably won’t need to be told to bring along the correct walking gear. It is not just the countryside walks which are on offer, there are also options for you to mix town strolls and country hikes. A three hour walk around Truro, for example, will be the kind of thing that many visitors will find appealing but there really is so much variety on offer at the Fal River Autumn Walking Festival that you will never be short of ideas.

Even for people who have visited the area in the summer, the Fal River in the Autumn has a completely different feel to it, and of course there is good availability of holiday cottage rentals at out-of-season prices which are well worth investigating.

Do you have a love of walking? Are there any favourite walks in Cornwall which you can recommend that will appeal to both keen hikers as well as those looking for a scenic stroll? Do share with us below.

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