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Dust off those walking boots and join the New Year Walk at Sennen Cove

Sennen Cove in West Cornwall is a stunning location, no doubt about that but have you considered visiting in the middle of winter to experience vast array of wildlife which have made the cove their home. You don't have to be a wildlife enthusiast to make the most out of it but it definitely helps.
What could be a better way to ease you into the New Year than the bracing walk around the quite magnificent Sennen Cove that’s organised every year by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. It takes place each year on the first Saturday in January and is a great way to get some much needed fresh air and exercise after the seasonal excesses.

Don’t think that you have to be super fit to take part in this walk but it is highly advisable that you don a pair of stout walking boots and dress appropriately. The weather at this time of the year can be changeable and blustery, to say the least. The guided walk goes from beautiful Sennen cove to Gwenver, returning via the coastal path and the beach.

New Year Walk at Sennen Cove is close to Land’s End

If you haven’t visited Sennen Cove before, it can be described in one word – stunning – and the experts that lead the walk are extremely knowledgeable. They are sure to enhance your New Year Walk by identifying birds and the vast array of wildlife that make this area of Cornwall their home.

Sennen Cove is more correctly a bay than a cove. It has a lifeboat station and a village at the end of the steep road that descends from the A30. Inside the breakwater there is a small fishing fleet, although the boats are often outnumbered by surfers at this popular surf spot.

You may want to visit the restored roundhouse which was once used to house a winch for hauling boats up the beach and now makes a charming art gallery. This scenic area is just a mile from Land’s End for those who may want to do a detour on the drive home.

Breakfast and a hot water bottle at Sennen Cove!

Something that is nearly as exciting as the walk itself is that as it is a winter weekend, the Little Bo Café is open. This is a treat that you most definitely don’t want to miss. Situated in Sennen Cove, the café has an excellent reputation for serving quality food. The service is most unusual and includes a supply of blankets and hot water bottles should you wish to sit outside and take in the wonderful views.

As the Sennen Cove walk starts at two in the afternoon, how about popping into the café beforehand for a late breakfast or lunch. You will find that the staff are lovely and welcoming and your only problem will be pulling yourself away to go on the walk. However, you’ll be sure you did as the café and the walk combined really do go towards making the perfect January day.

Cornwall in January

Cornwall in January may not be the first place that springs to mind when it comes to taking a winter break but it really does have an awful lot to offer. The county as a whole has a different kind of beauty about it than the one that most people experience during the summer months. When the sun shines, there are plenty more coastal walks in the area. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust also has a whole calendar of events from clearing scrub to talks, walks and photography evenings so you may find plenty more things to join in.

Is your idea of bliss a walking holiday? Have you experienced the beauty of Sennen Cove or do you have your own particular favourite walk or trail. Feel free to share your walking experience and suggestions with us.

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