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Somerset is located in south west England, along the Bristol Channel. Rural hills and flatlands make Somerset a quiet, peaceful county, and there are many fine national parks and protected lands to visit, as well as tons of wildlife to see.

The area offer many natural cave formations, and some of these were once home to human dwellers as far back as 12,000 BC. Combined with wetlands, flood plains and 64km of coastline there is no shortage of natural beauty to explore while visiting this lovely area, and with mild weather you can comfortably plan a trip at any time of the year.

If you are a fan of architecture and England’s history, then a trip to the Wells Cathedral in Wells is in order. This amazing structure was built from 1175 to 1490, and is an incredible tribute to early English construction. Or head to Wraxall where you can see the fantastic estate of Tyntesfield, which was built in the gothic style from 1863 onwards. Even fantasy has a place in Somerset, as the Glastonbury Abbey is said to be where monks discovered the bones of King Arthur.

Places to Visit in Somerset

  • Cheddar – home of the famous cheese, this quaint town has much to offer. Visit the limestone gorge which reaches up to 500 feet, go for a walk down the river, and of course sample some of the amazing Cheddar Cheese, right from the source!
  • Glastonbury – steeped in history, this village is the place to go if you want to see some early English architecture, gorgeous gardens, and tons of countryside to explore.
  • Taunton – this busy town has fantastic shopping, movie theatres and many activities for people who like to keep busy. For winding down days there are plenty of parks and gardens to walk through, as well as galleries and museums. This is a terrific place to start off a self-catered vacation, as there are plenty of sights nearby.
  • Weston-Super-Mare – this gorgeous resort town resides right on the seashore, so it is perfect for couples and families who want to explore miles of sandy beaches. Weston-Super-Mare is also the destination to choose if you like water sports such as windsurfing, surfing, kite surfing, and anything that gets your blood pumping.

With all there is to see and do in Somerset it is easy to see why so many people keep coming back year after year. Come and check out Somerset, and find out for yourself what a pristine and gorgeous countryside it is.