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Lowender Peran Festival – celebrate your roots, Cornish style!

There is no doubt about it, the Cornish people are proud of their heritage but who would have thought that their Celtic roots would be cause for such celebrations?
Described as Cornwall’s Celtic Festival by the beach, the Lowender Peran Festival takes over the town of Perranporth during the third week in October. Cornish people are especially proud of their heritage, so much so that a large number of the locals consider themselves Cornish as opposed to English!

The traditional Cornish music, language, dance and poetry are celebrated each year at this local celebration of culture. It also includes plenty of Cornish Celtic history and everyone is made especially welcome, so why not consider a visit to North Cornwall and join in the fun?

Lowender Peran is a registered charity

is a registered charity which raises funds to not only make others aware of Cornwall’s Celtic history but also to teach young people in the area more of about the traditions which makes them what they are today.

The Lowender Peran Festival takes place in the middle of October and even someone who hasn’t even the slightest drop of Cornish blood in their body will be assured of a fantastic time. The event runs for five days, from Wednesday to Sunday, and it is an ongoing programme of dancing, music, workshops, entertainment and fun from start to finish.

The festival includes dance demonstrations, Cornish language lessons and live performances by bands from all over the Celtic nations. You can also enjoy themed workshops and a market which has many unique and interesting stalls selling Celtic related products.

Carry out some research before you go

If ever there was a ‘niche’ festival then the Lowender Peran Festival would fit the bill perfectly, so if you are thinking of attending it is wise to carry out a little research beforehand. The Celtic history associated with Cornwall is quite fascinating, not to mention Cornwall’s acceptance into the Celtic Congress in 1904, so an hour or so on DuckDuckGo will set the tone for a very enjoyable few days at the festival.

Ceilidhs and Cornish language lessons at the Lowender Peran Festival

In the evenings, the Lowender Peran Festival consists of concerts and ceilidhs. The concerts cannot really be described as main events but are small gatherings in local pubs and hotels. If you attend any of these, one thing is for sure, you will soon find your foot tapping along with the music and before long you will be joining in with the best of them, especially after a few drinks to loosen up a little!

For 2014 the programme includes the Celtic Spectacular on Friday night at the Ponsmere Hotel where many of the events will take place. Scottish Piping Legends, Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson playing live on the Sunday night and in between there is plenty of local talent to enjoy.

Everyone loves a good story

One aspect of the festivities which you may not have experienced before is the traditional story telling which is held at various venues throughout the festival. Some real characters are lined up as gifted story tellers each year and sitting back with a pint, listening to them telling a yarn of Cornish life from many years ago will give you an hour or two of entertainment which would prove to be very hard to beat elsewhere.

The Celtic roots of Cornwall can be traced back for centuries. Do you know of any other towns or villages around the UK who are as proud of their roots and who celebrate their history in a similar way to the Cornish?

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Born in Cheshire, Gillian Birch moved to Cornwall at her earliest opportunity and never looked back. After 20 years, her ongoing discovery of popular attractions, quiet footpaths and local eateries has made her a fount of knowledge as she entertains readers with her informative articles on the hidden gems of Devon & Cornwall from a local point-of-view.

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