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Enjoy a golden day out at the Daffodil Show at Trelissick

The two-day Daffodil Show at Trelissick is the grand finale of the three-week-long Daffodils at Trelissick event. The show brings together growers from all over the UK to show off their prizewinning blooms and take home a prize or two.
Daffodils may be the national flower of Wales, but they are certainly much enjoyed throughout the whole of the UK including at the Daffodil Show at Trelissick Gardens. The National Trust owned property has well-established gardens which are the perfect setting to host the Daffodil Show on the fourth weekend in March.

Daffodils at Trelissick and the Daffodil Show

The two-day Daffodil Show is actually part of a much longer three week “Daffodils at Trelissick” event which starts on the second Saturday in March. The Daffodil Show takes place as the grand finale on the final weekend and runs from 10:30am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. The event is organized jointly by the and local daffodil breeder, Ron Scamp.

The Daffodil Show brings together many commercial and individual breeders and growers. They showcase their finest flowers and newest varieties and compete in a series of competitive classes as part of this niche flower show.

It’s certainly an event worth attending if you love flowers, as I do. You will see hundreds of varieties of daffodils and narcissus, and some have the most amazing perfume! I always find the Daffodil Show a great place to pick up some unusual bulbs for my own garden, although they are not cheap.

Enjoy bulbs, blooms & informative exhibits at the Trelissick Daffodil Show

The Daffodil Show takes place mainly in the stable block at where there are extensive exhibits of the prize-winning blooms and plenty of bulbs on sale. There is also plenty of information telling visitors about the development of the daffodil growing industry in Cornwall.

This area of the southwest has some of the earliest flowering daffodils and, along with the Channel Islands, provides early bunches of “floral sunshine” from January onwards in mild winters. However, nothing beats seeing them growing in a border or a naturalised swathe beneath leafless old trees, such as you will see throughout the estate at Trelissick Gardens.

Other features to look out for as part of the Daffodils at Trelissick event include following the Children’s Daffodil Explorer Trail and learning about why daffodils were so important to the Trelissick Estate in the past.

Springtime walks at Trelissick Gardens

Once you’ve enjoyed the Daffodil Show it’s time to enjoy Trelissick’s own display of golden daffs which brighten up these lovely informal gardens. Located on a peninsula overlooking the Fal Estuary, the gardens are particularly sheltered and protected from cold frosts. The garden is planted on a sloping 30 acre (12 hectare) site within the larger 300 acre (121 hectare) estate.

Winding paths take you through long established borders of shrubs and trees where you may see early flowering camellias, azaleas, magnolias and showy collections of flowering bulbs even in March. It’s one of my all-time favourite places to enjoy a winter or spring walk through the estate countryside and woods with regular glimpses of the sea.

Although normal admission costs apply to visit Trelissick Gardens there is no additional fee for enjoying the Daffodil Show.

I’m sure there are many other readers who enjoy Trelissick Gardens at any time of year. Do share your favourite season for gardens in Cornwall and let us know where else we might find some wonderful flowering bulbs.

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